Let me count the ways – in which lists rule my life

There’s no denying it: I’m a “list person”.  Though I wouldn’t define myself as a visual learner, I do find the presence of a physical list reassuring and satisfying.  Next to me as I write, I have four lists.

List of nearby lists:

  1. Future blog post ideas (which is divided into two separate lists – equestrian and non-equestrian posts)
  2. A shopping list
  3. A to-do list
  4. A packing list (I’m flying to the US for the summer in a few days, my list is keeping me calm)

For me, that’s a small number of lists to have on the go.  In truth, there are other lists which inhabit my life.

My “other lists” (NB – not exhaustive):

  1. Wish lists (hosted by retail outlets or just in-my-dreams lists)
  2. Goal lists (which remain private… for now)
  3. Reading lists (supported by the stack of books I have purchased and not yet read)
  4. Contact lists (friends, family, people to keep up with)
  5. Inventory of nail polishes (recently re-organised for the umpteenth time)

I trained as an event manager, and that’s how I’ve spent most of the last few years – ensuring things happen on schedule and budget by ticking off several series of items.

Lists I used to make events happen:

  1. To-do list (daily, weekly and critical paths per project)
  2. Delegate list
  3. Speaker contact list
  4. Rooming list
  5. Sponsor and exhibitor list
  6. Supplier contact list
  7. Badge list
  8. Dietary requirement list
  9. Social ticket list
  10. Packing list
  11. Staff contact list…

I’m not alone in my obsession: I have a friend whose ritual at the end of the working day is to write her to-do list for the following day prior to leaving the office; another friend has two sets of Post-It notes – one which sits on her desk, the other is her “roaming” set, which she takes with her whenever she goes to speak to someone, in case she is given a new task to add to her ever-increasing list.

It’s clear that human beings enjoy the notion of getting the job done.  It’s also possible that our world provides more information and stimulation these days than our brains are capable of not just storing, but recalling at the correct moment.

And if you’ll excuse me, I’ve thought of more items which need to go on my packing list…

Are you a lister?  Does your job involve following lists – what are they for and what do you do?  Or are you someone who is blissfully list-less (or listless)?


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