Holiday plans: update and request

I previously blogged on my vague travel plans at the beginning of my summer in the US. Incredibly, I have just three weeks left at camp, so it’s time to start finalising things and getting organised (as well as excited).

My itinerary has become a bit more concrete, so here’s the latest:

  • 26 August – leave camp, head to New York city. Request: activity suggestions! I’ve previously been up the Empire State building and on a boat trip around Manhattan, so avoiding repeats. Ground Zero is on my list and possibly Ellis Island… is it worth it? I really enjoyed my trip to Yankee Stadium last month, but will be leaving another baseball outing for later in my trip…
  • 29 August – friend from the UK arrives in Washington DC, meet her at the airport. Request: best way to get from NYC to DC with ~50lbs/25kgs luggage? Cheapest option is preferable! Also required: accommodation recommendations for DC. Our plan is to go to the baseball whilst in DC – the Mets are in town this weekend – hopefully for an evening game this time
  • 2 September – leave DC bound for New Orleans. We’re hoping to do this portion by road and would like to be in New Orleans no later than 6 September. Request: most fun route from DC to New Orleans via road? Must-do activities en route?
  • 6 – 10 September – New Orleans. Request: accommodation recommendation – cheap and cheerful preferred here, as well as ideally a French Quarter location
  • 10 September – travel from New Orleans to Las Vegas with a summer camp friend (probably by air). Request: accommodation recommendations for Vegas – we’re happy to splash out a little here, but deals are preferable and we’d like to stay on the Strip (moon on a stick, anyone?)

After that, the vagueness of my plans returns! I’m planning on spending at least a week in northern Florida with friends, so it’s likely that I’ll go straight there from Vegas. I’d happily continue on the road with my friend from camp, but her intention is to visit California after Vegas, taking in many places I’ve (very fortunately) already been to. So the likelihood is that I’ll fly to Florida and enjoy some relaxation time.

As you can see, my plan to stay east has gone somewhat awry – I’m easily persuaded at the moment! I’m excited to see what the US has to offer on this trip – it’s my first with friends rather than family, and the only limit is my budget.

To help with your suggestions, here are some likes and dislikes:

  • Likes – horses, seafood, comfortable accommodation, coastal drives, historical museums (particularly famous homes), shopping, photography, theatre, film
  • Dislikes – art galleries (unless primarily photography), hiking and sports involving water (no rafting/falling from the sky, whether attached to a rope or not)

I’ll stop before this starts to sound too much like a personal advert! All suggestions gratefully received.


2 thoughts on “Holiday plans: update and request

  1. NYC-DC leg – I used Not overly expensive (super cheap if you book far enough in advance) and plenty of luggage allowance as I recall. Also, nicer and more comfy than old school Greyhounds. Pretty short trip. (Megabus probably do that route, too.)

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