The holiday starts here

Today I leave camp, not for the first time this summer, but for the last.  Full review of my thoughts on the experience later in the week, but for now I’ll look forward to the next month with an outline of my plans.

26 – 29 August: New York City.  No plans as such, and I’m woefully under-researched (those who’ve ever tried to teach me anything in an academic setting will be asking, “What’s new?”), so this could be a wild adventure or a quiet few days readjusting to being in the real world

29 August – 2 September: Washington DC.  A good friend from the UK joins me in DC (which is just as exciting as the fact that I’m on holiday for a month).  High on the agenda are trips to The White House, the zoo and a baseball game, but other than that, we’re still deciding

2 – 6 September: Road trip!  We’re picking up a car and heading south.  Our journey to New Orleans will be via one night stops in Nashville and Memphis and, providing I don’t get us lost, I’m very excited about this portion of the trip

6 – 10 September: New Orleans.  We’re joined in New Orleans by a newer friend – one of my colleagues from camp.  It looks like a weekend of partying and dining out is in order

10 – 14 September: Las Vegas.  I say goodbye to my British friend, but my camp friend and I continue the party in Sin City.  Then, all being well…

14 – 25 September: Florida.  I’m being hosted by my brilliant godparents, who have offered me a place to stay for as long as I wish.  So the remainder of my time on my visa will be spent relaxing in their area

Still open to suggestions for activities in DC, Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans and Vegas (preferably at the cheaper end of the spectrum, or ones which involve winning rather than losing money!), but much of the accommodation is thankfully now booked.

So it’s all happening: goodbye camp.  Hello comfortable beds, any foodstuff I wish to consume and no further responsibility for children.


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