First time for everything

Usually, I’m critical of things which appear in a certain equestrian magazine, but this is a post to say how pleased I am about not one but two things in the current issue.  The 19 December edition of Horse and Hound is the magazine’s second Reader Issue.  I submitted some information about my year when the publication called for input a little while ago, but didn’t get any response (I’m sure they had a lot of people get in touch with their stories).  Although I was disappointed not to hear anything, I wasn’t very surprised, so I put the thought to one side.

I wasn’t having a very good day, and when I ventured away from work at lunchtime, I was looking for some inspiration for next week’s blog posts (I still haven’t found it, by the way) and decided to pick up Horse and Hound as it usually provides me with something.  I got more than I bargained for: I flipped through the magazine as I ate my lunch, skimming it for any stories that I could bounce off when I read through it properly later, when I spotted a very familiar pair of ears.  Sure enough, there my “Through the ears” shot was (bottom right hand corner of page 31, if you have a copy handy) with my description of the image.

The experience was a great surprise, and served to cheer me up.  There are many beautiful photos to look at – they all make me want to see the face and body behind the ears – and I’m going to enjoy reading the feature in full at some point.

The current issue also contains what for me is another uplifting update: I blogged very critically on the debate about helmets in the show ring a little while ago, inspired by a report in Horse and Hound.  There has now been a follow-up decision made by Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain (SHB(GB)), who have ruled that their original policy change will stand.  As of 2014, all competitors and judges in their hunter classes will be required to wear a skull cap or hat with safety harness whilst mounted.

I applaud this decision – it’s a very bold move by SHB(GB), as they are the first showing society in the UK to do this, and the other major societies have now been quoted as essentially calling this unnecessary.  As I said in my previous post – in order for the world to move forwards, a brave soul must take the first step.  Congratulations to SHB(GB) in being the first.  Rather than being reactionary and waiting until an unfortunate incident has occurred, necessitating change, they have taken the initiative and clearly demonstrated their positive stance on the issue.

2013 is almost over, and I remain a proud member of the equestrian community.  I will have better experiences than the main issue which clouded my day, but today has also proven that positives can quickly follow negatives.  Watch this space…



4 thoughts on “First time for everything

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