Zero to Hero day 6 – use a new element

WordPress is quite right: I publish the same things constantly.  I’m still hoping to overcome my image-heavy post anxiety in the near future in order to make my blog a little less about pages and pages of text and a little more exciting to look at, but I’m saving that for another day.  I’ve also linked to YouTube videos previously, but I don’t think I’ve embedded them, so I contemplated that, but thought I could push myself a step further… here goes!


I’ve always thought that someone looking through your music collection is worse than them seeing you naked.  I don’t like to refer to aspects of my personal taste as “guilty pleasures”, because the term carries a lot of negativity, but I guess if things embarrass me, that’s what they are!  So yes, there are things I’d rather you didn’t find in my iTunes library: dirty little secrets which will make you laugh and me cry.  But today I’m going to shout about some recent discoveries that I’m really not ashamed of.

For a long time, a certain genre has been quietly bubbling away and thanks in part to Glee, The Sing Off and Pitch Perfect, it’s become more mainstream.  Ably assisted by the internet becoming a bigger and faster way of sharing music, mashup culture is gaining popularity fast.  The concept isn’t new, but it is brilliant, and there are some phenomenally talented DJs producing frankentunes to suit any party.

My mashup journey started a few years ago, thanks to one of my favourite radio DJs.  I’m a big fan of Zane Lowe and although the clip below sadly features one of my least favourite DJs, I’ve chosen it because it’s a fantastic demonstration of what it’s like to be introduced to such a great track (warning: you will never hear the individual songs featured in quite the same way ever again…)

Not only has DJ Lobsterdust chosen a tremendous name for himself, but he’s also very talented.  In the clip above, Zane’s quick internet search brought him to what happens to be one of my favourite Lobsterdust tracks (I love Knock Out Eileen, but since discovering the rest of Lobsterdust’s work, it’s slipped down the charts a little…)

I plundered Lobsterdust’s website for more musical delights, but my appetite wasn’t satisfied.  Fortunately, following the DJ on Twitter led me to the discovery of Bootie (I’m now incredibly disappointed I didn’t learn about this brand when I was in the US last summer, but the good news is that I’m going back this year, so it’s now high on my list of things to do) and a whole new world opened up.

I could be here for a long time running you through my newest favourites, but I’ll restrict myself to a select few.  I tried to listen to the tracks, rather than peering at the track lists and choosing artists whose music I like by itself, because I’ve discovered that this is a great way of falling in love with songs you might not usually like.  What I soon learned is that I gravitate towards the style of a few DJs – Lobsterdust is still one of my favourites, but joining him are the likes of DJs From Mars, DJ Schmolli and DJ Tripp.

Below are a few of my current favourite tracks: one of the best things about this genre is that it’s constantly evolving and the output is immense – new tracks are available regularly and, although some songs get used frequently, it’s amazing how different they can sound depending on who has produced the mashup and which tracks they’ve mixed together.

I’ll close with a disclaimer: sadly, none of the above work is my own – full credit to the DJs and artists who are responsible for all of these incredible pieces.  Let me know what you all think!


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