Things I’ve seen, places I’ve been

First: an explanation.  If you’re a keen follower of my blog (hello, Nana!) you may notice that what is below was originally published in September 2013.  It looked perfect for all of five minutes, before the images decided to jump around in a drunk and disorderly manner.  Cue me grumbling at code for a very long time, failing to figure it out, getting cross with how untidy the post looked and removing it.

Today, the Zero to hero challenge is to use a new post format, and I discovered that you can display images as a gallery.  I’m hoping this means the images might not move.  Fingers crossed.

So for those of you who are just joining me, this is the pictorial version of What I Did Last Summer.  If you’d like to see the written version, check out my “camp” tag.  All of the images will enlarge when clicked.


One of the first things I did when I got back to the UK was order prints of my favourite pictures: I’m proud that I whittled a summer of over 600 pictures down to about 150.  Here are a handful of them:

1. View of camp from across the lake – in the middle of the summer, I was granted a rare period off (as I didn’t have a bunk of kids to look after overnight, I didn’t get time off during the day) and walked around the lake with one of my friends.  It was a hot day, but not sunny, so this isn’t the greatest picture I could’ve taken, but it gives you an idea.

view of camp from across lake2. Horses grazing outside my bunk – we had two horses who were of advanced years, and they were given as much time off as possible.  As horses are herd animals who stick together, we weren’t worried about these two running amok, so they were turned loose near the barn to relax.  One day they were tasked with mowing the lawn outside my nearby home, I love how content they look.

horses grazing outside bunk

3. Leading my final trail – this was taken at the very end of the summer, and is a bit blurry due to the warm weather!  One of my campers took it, I’m riding a horse called Dude, who I worked with a lot when we decided he would be ridden in this style rather than Western.  He was one of my favourites to ride.

riding dude last trail

4. View from horseback – later on the same trail I snapped this shot heading through the woods atop Dude.  It was a beautiful day, I love the way the light looks through the trees.  This is the picture which has since featured in Horse and Hound.

view from horseback woods

5. Evening at South of Beale – Memphis, Tennessee is home to one of the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives establishments we visited.  I can highly recommend the Duck Patty Melt and Bailey’s Mousse.

south of beale restaurant memphis tennessee

6. Bourbon Street – we visited Bourbon Street, the epicentre of the New Orleans party district, on our first night in the city.  This is the view from the balcony of one of the bars on a Friday night.  There was a football game taking place on the Sunday so it was pretty busy!

bourbon street new orleans louisiana

7. I met a gorgeous man on Bourbon Street during my first night in New Orleans.  I bumped into him on several other occasions, but I still don’t know his name or how to contact him… this was our final night out, the crowds still out in force as the football game had taken place that day.  This Police horse particularly struck me, and he spent a lot of time licking my hand!  Sadly, there was no room for him in my suitcase.

police horse new orleans louisiana

8. Bellagio fountain – we checked out the infamous fountains at the Bellagio.  Unfortunately, we didn’t see the nighttime show (maybe this year?), where the fountains are lit up, but it was still impressive.

bellagio fountain las vegas nevada

9. Luxor statue – during our final night in Las Vegas, we took a wander to the Luxor hotel, and I couldn’t resist climbing onto this statue for a picture.  This is a place I’ll definitely return to.

9. luxor statue las vegas nevada

10. Panoramic beach view – this was taken one afternoon at Ponte Vedra Beach in Florida.  Again, the weather wasn’t all that sunny and it was a bit breezy, but it was warm and quiet.  A perfect beach afternoon.

ponte vedra beach florida


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