What I did and why

Today’s Zero to hero assignment is to unpick the reasoning behind the author’s chosen post from day 19.  On Monday, we were asked to use a different posting format from the norm, so here’s the story behind my first gallery post.

As I mentioned in the post, this one had been bothering me for a while.  I posted the same series of images back in September, and the layout quickly went awry.  I tried to wrestle the code into submission and failed (and got very frustrated, because I do know a little about code and thought I’d be able to fix it).  I was then put off using images other than as a header or a footer, until I was challenged to push myself on Monday.

But the regeneration of my photos came at a good time: I look back on these pictures regularly, and they bring a smile to my face.  They remind me that, although last summer was hard work and this summer will be too, it was worth it.  It reminds me that this is what I have to do, that I need to make this my life year-round, not just over the summer, in order to be happy.  I tend to experience a different memory every time I look at any photo, whether they trigger something someone else said, how I felt when it was taken or something which happened before or after.  It’s a nice way to remember the moments.

I also looked over the pictures because I’m working on trying to display some of them at home and am figuring out how to get them on the wall and make them look nice.  And because I started an office-based job on Monday for the first time in a long time and I needed to pick myself up after the culture shock which came with those hours.  So there were lots of reasons that this became really good timing for me.

The post has had some good feedback: three likes (two from new visitors – hello, if you’re watching!), two retweets of the link I tweeted upon posting (I fortunately managed to time my post to coincide with HorseHour, which is an event I’d highly recommend to any equestrian service provider, supplier or blogger) and my Nana now thinks she’s famous (I think it’s sweet that she thinks more than four people read my blog).

One of the reasons behind this post is meant to be increased social media engagement.  Regular followers will know I’m a self-confessed Twitter addict: all of my posts get tweeted immediately, and for those who are interested about how I manage my blog’s social media interaction, I use Hootsuite to schedule Tweets when I can’t be online.  I love that Hootsuite creates trackable links, so that I can geek out over where people have clicked through from.  I’m a big fan of hashtags, and on days when a new post goes live, I schedule Tweets hourly to continually publicise my blog.  I also try to participate in major hashtags such as Throwback Thursday and Follow Friday in order to increase my visibility.

Over to you now.  Be bold!  Let me know what you think about any of my posts, whether it’s a comment on the blog itself or sending a Tweet my way.  Would you like to see more pictures?  If so, what of?  Do you have a Twitter handle I can follow?  


4 thoughts on “What I did and why

  1. 1. Impressed you worked with code for your blog (scary for me).
    2. Ditto on HorseHour.
    3. Am trying Hootsuite at your suggestion.
    4. Say hi to Nana.
    5. Do you think hourly Tweets are good? I think I might not Tweet enough.
    6. My sister lived in Ponte Vedra Beach! Small world.
    7. Nice work being consistent with your blogging. 🙂

    • Code can be really straightforward, so many people are scared of it! I only know a very little bit, but it’s not too hard. How are you finding Hootsuite so far? I still don’t think I’m making the absolute most of it, but the basic functions are working well for me. I read something (and this isn’t great information, because it’s just one person’s opinion) where a really powerful and popular beauty blogger said she tweets every 40 minutes. I run out of inspiration when I’m trying to promote my links, so I never get that many in, but I try my best.

      Incredibly, I met a family at camp who are from PVB – it’s a really small community, so I was very shocked! It’s a beautiful place though, I’d be more than happy living there.

      And thanks – I’m trying!

  2. Since we are already tweeterfriends I shall leave that subject but would like to say I do enjoy your posts. The riding ones frustrate me (you know why) 😉 The ones about life experiences are a great read, I do like reading about people’s experiences which they are willing to analyse and share.
    Although I read most of your posts I don’t always have the time to leave comments so please tell Nana she might be right – there might be many more time short secret readers of your blog like me out there 🙂

    • Ah, thank you! I’m glad you enjoy reading – I love writing almost as much as I love riding, and it’s something I hope to continue to do more of. I try to be an open book: it would be nice if someone else learns something from my experiences, but I learn a lot from, as you say, analysing my own situations and feelings. It’s good to be able to look back and remind myself what happened and how I felt, plus (hopefully!) see how far I’ve come.

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