Zero to hero: the next challenge

Confession time: I’ve dipped in and out of Zero to hero.  Endlessly twiddling with my layout?  Not my bag.  If I had someone at my disposal who is patient, cost-neutral and good at the internet, I’d spend a good amount of time making my blog prettier.  But words are my art form, not formats.  Sorry, readers, but the current look is here for a while.

But I digress.  The task today is to find a new blog challenge to join.  I took the easy route (wow, that’s new!) and picked one of the many which WordPress promote via the Blog Event Listings and was drawn to several.  I may even re-visit Share Your World at some point in the future, because it was runner up for me.

The next challenge I’ll be participating in is Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday.  Even though I see this as the equivalent of my readers walking in on me whilst I shower, I’m going to be brave.  I wanted to choose something which would help to diversify my blog a little, and encourage me to think about different things.  And it’ll (hopefully) stop me listening to the same 25 tracks on iTunes all the time.

Just to be different (and to give me a chance to think about my choices!) I’m hoping to post my playlist on Fridays.  I like the thought of getting you all shimmying at the end of your working weeks, and I’m looking forward to showing you a different side of things I enjoy.  Bring on the challenge!


7 thoughts on “Zero to hero: the next challenge

    • You’re welcome, thanks for stopping by! I’m definitely considering it – if I can achieve my ambition of getting further ahead on my “regular” posts (the ones that I see as being my main reason for being), then I will.

  1. I look forward to having you! It’s a great group and we love getting to know our fellow shower singers! And…now that you’ve written it down and I’ve seen this you can’t back down!

    • Thanks for the welcome! Don’t worry, I wasn’t going to chicken out (the post was already scheduled when you posted this comment), this post was just about building some tension and interest 😉

  2. It took me a while to be brave enough to join the Twisted MixTape crew but once I did, I realized there was nothing to be afraid of! It’s a great group of “blogjays” that just has fun sharing music.

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