What I did last summer

I realised last week that I’ve shared a few photos directly on my blog, and linked to albums of some of my trips, but something’s missing.  I haven’t yet shared full photographic details of my time at camp.

It took a while, but I extracted my photos from various corners of the internet, my phone and my hard drive, and compiled them in one place.  So today I’m short on words, but big on images.  They’re not completely in date order, because image formats and hosting sites apparently don’t like talking to each other, but I’m the only one who really knows enough to realise!

This is a window on 13 weeks of my 2013 (and a preview of what this summer will be like!).  You can see my photos here.  Let me know what you think!


2 thoughts on “What I did last summer

  1. I love the poster explaining how special school horses are. And the buckskin with the flowers in his mane was funny. Looks like you had an incredible summer. That is a very nice indoor arena for a camp! Makes me wish I could go back in time and work at horse camp again. 🙂

    • The indoor is one of the banes of my life! It’s sometimes really hard to teach in there, because kids also wait for their lesson there and can obviously get really noisy, so your students struggle to hear you. It’s also impossibly dusty – the surface is woodchips, which I’d not come across before (arenas were always sand when I was little, and when I hit my teens, most places switched to at least a mixture of sand and rubber, if not all rubber). There were times when we were hosing it three times per day. I also don’t think it’s as big as 40m by 20m, which is frustrating, but the outdoor arenas are tiny and badly surfaced, so I’ll take it!

      I’m excited for the summer, I wish it would hurry up!

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