Twisted MixTape 45: Fight for this

It’s 14 February.  Whether or not Saint Valentine or Cupid has paid you a visit, as per the mixtape topic rules, I’m sharing some love.  These will be presented without an awful lot of commentary: I think most songs are written about love, so it was hard to choose.  In the end, I went for some which perhaps remind me of certain people.  I could’ve probably chosen 500 songs, but I’m limited to five, so here we go…

This one will actually give you a flavour of what I might produce in a few weeks (sometime in the future, the theme for the playlist is cover versions – I’m very excited about that one and have already decided on my choices).  I adore this version of this song: in my opinion, it’s one of those rare occasions when the cover beats the original.

Wheatus – A little respect

Moving on… this song was popular in around the same time period as the first, but I still love it now.  I’m going to say no more.

Train – Drops of Jupiter

This lady went on to become phenomenally famous, and there’s actually a duet version of this which I know was done for a Radio 1 session but, infuriatingly, has neither been released or made it onto the internet.  I know, I too am amazed.  But if anyone knows where I can get the Adele AND Paul Weller version, please let me know!  And yes, this is another cover.

Adele – Make you feel my love

This song is largely famous for being on a movie soundtrack and when you listen to it, you can hear why.  It has that epic, swooping feel to it.  And, as with all soundtrack songs, a terrible video.

Goo Goo Dolls – Iris

And finally, a true classic.  This song turns 30 this year, and I think I’ve mentioned it before.  In the UK, it was the bridesmaid to Bob Geldof and Midge Ure’s star-studded bride.  But unlike their frothed up woman in white, this song can be played year-round.  No cover version has ever come close (mainly because reverb has gone out of fashion and that’s what made the original vocal so good – sorry, Holly Johnson), it’s the original all the way with this one.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – The power of love


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