Twisted Mix Tape 47: Guilty Pleasures

I love this theme, but I found it really hard.  Because I don’t really do guilt.  Well, I do.  I’m the person who thinks that having someone scroll through your music library is worse than them seeing you naked.  The one who never puts their entire library on shuffle via a speaker in a public place.  But at the same time, if someone asks me if I like really cheesy stuff, they get an honest answer.

I don’t really feel guilty about liking any of these songs.  They cheer me up, or remind me of a fun time.  Where’s the guilt in that?  But they’d probably make me blush if they kicked in during certain situations.

I’m going to preface my first track with a story, just in case anyone outside the UK is reading – I feel I owe you all an explanation.  Once upon a time, there were two boys called Anthony (Ant) and Declan (Dec), who were in a children’s TV drama show about kids who attended a local youth club.  From humble beginnings in Newcaslte, came their alter egos, PJ and Duncan.  Today, Ant and Dec are phenomenally successful: they harnessed the power of their friendship and the dynamic duo used the first show to earn themselves a proper job, fronting arguably the most successful Saturday morning TV show ever (which was actually very funny and well-written, although it was for kids).  As an aside, you will have heard of their co-host if you’re from the US – one Cat Deeley.  Anyway.  Ant and Dec then got an evening light entertainment show, and started co-hosting other prime time shows (Pop Idol – which was our predecessor to The X Factor – being the first).  Ant and Dec aren’t afraid to make fools of themselves, and it’s this which ensures their continued success.  There was no finer demonstration of their commitment to stardom than when their alter egos released a pop song.  I give you…

PJ and Duncan – Let’s get ready to rhumble

Bonus, because it’s too funny not to: last year, they re-enacted it on their Saturday evening show.  It stormed up the charts and, because they’re nice boys, they donated the profits to the charity they’re patrons of.

And now: Christmas is coming ten months early.  One of my favourite ever novelty tracks, and the bane of my boss’s life prior to Christmas (I have no idea why, I think this is sheer genius):

Lou Monte – Dominick the donkey

You can also blame TV for this one.  And I’ll now continue to show my age.  The Raccoons: the only show anyone ever watched the entire closing titles of… because the song is brilliant.

Lisa Lougheed – Run with us

This is the bit where I might cringe a little.  Before 5ive re-formed and became 4our when they grew up and ran out of money, they were one of my favourite pop groups.  Unlike certain popular groups these days, they could dance.  They perhaps couldn’t sing.  They were no less manufactured.  But they had me with their catchy choruses and deadly moves.

5ive – Keep on movin’

Last but by no means least, the band who had it all: TV shows, hit singles, record of the year and an acrimonious split (following which one became a metal-head drummer and another got glassed at a public appearance for… well nobody quite knows why).  But, dear reader, when the world leaves you feeling blue, you can count on me, I will be there for you…

S Club 7 – Reach

If at least one of those hasn’t wormed into your brain, I have failed and I’m sorry.  If you’re dancing around to two of them at once, I’m definitely not sorry.


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2 thoughts on “Twisted Mix Tape 47: Guilty Pleasures

  1. Oh my gosh I loved all those old coin operated machines in the beginning of the last video. The only song I have heard before is Dominic, but I really enjoyed listening. Pop is always good if it makes you want to move. I’m glad you don’t feel guilty too, because secretly I don’t feel guilty about any of my picks either!

    • I’m so sorry for what I inflicted upon you! And I promise that my country produces good music too… but we’re also very good at cheese (see above). These songs all have a special place in my heart, and the tough part of this one for me was keeping it to just five.

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