Six weeks until summer

The countdown continues!  Six weeks today I’ll arrive at camp, which will remain my home for 13 weeks (if not 14… more on that later!).  For the time being, day to day life in the UK rolls on: trying to cram in as much horse-time as possible; spending time with family; staying in touch with friends around the world who I’ll be reunited with in the US; preparing for my trip by thinking about what I’ll be taking with me…

As I approach my second season, I find myself thinking about how different it feels compared to last year.  Although I’d spoken to various people who’d been to camp before, and one in particular who did the exact job that I’d be doing, I still didn’t have a great idea of what I was in for (which was probably a good thing!).  This year, I go in with my eyes wide open, and some different goals as a result.

One of the horses I’m hoping to see again is Aussie, somewhat of a camp veteran and, despite the fact that he was off work for a large part of the summer with mild lameness, he’s an absolute star.  If he’s back and we can keep him sound for the summer, I know we’ll have a lot of fun.  I took this video towards the end of the summer after using him for a lesson with one of my advanced riders and turning him out in the field – I think he was glad to get down and give himself a massage!


2 thoughts on “Six weeks until summer

    • It’s a theatre-focused camp, but there are all sorts of activities, a huge variety of sports and other creative arts and so on.

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