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I missed an opportunity last week, this is my attempt to correct it.  Last Monday, my “personal” Twitter account turned five (which means it should be in school by now, but can’t do much else – sorry handle, another 13 years until you can vote, but it’s only 12 until you can drive!), and I offered an explanation as to why I’ve been Tweeting for so long.  What I didn’t do was suggest any accounts which are worth following, so here’s a list.  There are categories and everything.

For general entertainment
If you want high-brow news feeds, I’m afraid you’ll have to Google a different list.  I have no shame in admitting that my personal account allows me to keep terrifyingly-accurate location-based tabs on a huge number of celebrities (and their cats), when they last had coffee (and what they ordered, thanks to my ability to decipher cup-marking codes) and which device they used to communicate their 140 characters of wit.

There are lots of parody accounts on Twitter, and I enjoy that kind of humour.  Equally, there are some poor efforts.  Here are some of the things I find amusing or heart-warming

@FloridaMan – not only one of the finest biographies on a Twitter profile that you’ll ever see, but also an amusing collection of news stories courtesy of the stupid things men from Florida do.  Perhaps not so entertaining if you’re a diehard Floridian male.  Sadly, @_Flor1daWoman is not as funny

@DMReporter – three words: Weekly Cancer List.  You’re welcome

@EmergencyPuppy – because the Internet would be a much smaller place without animals doing cute or stupid stuff

@PreschoolGems – example tweet: “I’m sweaty for lunch” #kidssaythefunniestthings

For (serious) sport needs
@clarebalding – nailed on for a Dame-hood at some point and Tweets about walking and Gogglebox.  Absolutely nothing to dislike

@matthewcpinsent – tall Olympian who now broadcasts and makes jokes about Dame Clare’s hair.  Enough said

@blowersh – brilliant if you want to know about cake, butterflies or the number 43 bus.  Not so hot if you actually want the cricket score (see @Aggerscricket for that and pictures of Blowers’s trousers)

@Pearcesport – the man who helped many people get Olympics tickets when LOCOG failed (see @volshy and his blog post on @OllieW’s site for further details) as well as being broadcaster extraordinaire

For (not so serious) sport needs
@BBCSporf – sadly, but probably intentionally, this is just another Twitter account about football.  But it’s nice to know that not everyone who likes the game takes it seriously

@TopTopPundit – this account was much funnier when it was @LiterallyJamie, but that was prior to the nanosecond when Twitter’s administrators promised to crack down on parody accounts which were imitating real people (@KaiWayne is another example).  But, Jamie Redknapp is literally the funniest thing ever to happen to football punditry and I’m literally over the moon that there’s a corner of the Internet which celebrates his top talent

@PseudoFed – I’m biased here, as anyone who knows me well is aware (I’ve been brought up to be a tennis fan, and for nine years and counting, I’ve come down firmly on the other side of the greatest rivalry in tennis).  This account took complete and fantastic advantage of the real Federer’s refusal to engage with fans via Twitter.  Great potential for amusement when Mrs Federer gives birth to the potential fourth coming of tennis next month

For the horse lovers
@ASPoliceHorses – the equestrian version of @EmergencyPuppy, I’ve fallen totally in love with these Police horses.  Regularly updated with through-the-ears shots of Police horses on patrol as well as living their lives at the yard, you’ll want one as much as I do

@RolexHusband – very much a new kid on the block so I’m a little hesitant to give this one a mention, but it’s been amusing so far.  Stay tuned…

@HorseHour – this was tough, because I’ve met some brilliant horse people through Twitter and WordPress since starting my blog, and I’d recommend anyone I follow… but it seemed unfair to mention a couple of individuals and leave others out, so instead I’m going to suggest that everyone gets to know each other for themselves!  Come and join #horsehour – it’s for businesses and equestrians just wanting to connect, Monday evenings from 8pm UK time

Which are the Twitter feeds you check daily?  Put your Twitter handle in a comment so that we all know who you are!  Or let me know who I’ve missed – I’m always looking for more people or brands to follow, whether they’re horsey, news-based or otherwise


4 thoughts on “Follow me

  1. Should really have been at the top of the list but as it’s Easter, staff and I forgive you. You’re welcome. How excited you must be that I am taking the time to comment on your blogging technologies.

  2. I’m @susanwordlover and I should have picked a different Twitter handle, but interestingly enough there are already many Susan Friedlands out there (and Smith! too many to count).

    I would like to echo your sentiments on @horsehour. It’s awesome. I fall into the category of “equestrians just wanting to connect.” I’m in California, so I join in during my lunch hour at noon on Mondays.

    I love to follow some of the horse rescue sites in the US like @NewVocations (Kentucky-ish) which places Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds in homes and @redbucketrescue (Southern CA) which rescues any type of horse. There’s also @BridlelessWyatt a gorgeous white pony horse that works at the track sans bridle. I know.

    In the horse category there is also @Equitrekking which shows fantastic pics of horseback riding destinations around the world (based on the TV show with the same name).

    I follow social media influencers @MichaelHyatt and @PamMktgNut because I am still fairly new to the world of Twitter and blogging. They know what they’re doing.

    And last, but not least, @HistoryinPics which shows old photos of world events, celebrities, scenes from old movies, inventions.

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