Wordless Wednesday

I was pottering around on the internet (stick with me, it’s safe) looking for one thing and found another.  What I found is this article – a throwback to London 2012 which is part of a series of guides to each Olympic sport.

The most entertaining part for me is seeing equestrianism through the lens of what non-equestrians need or want to know.  I’d argue some of the “facts” (apparently we only trot or canter in the dressage arena – who knew?), but thought I’d share.  There’s always something to learn! Olympic Dressage according to The Telegraph - image courtesy of The Telegraph via Google

Olympic Showjumping according to The Telegraph

Olympic Eventing according to The Telegraph

Of course, it’s a tough job summarising a sport within one picture box.  All three images created and owned by The Telegraph.


2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Too bad the cartoon lady isn’t wearing a protective riding helmet! Other than that, it’s a “sick” (cool) infographic. I have never heard the term buttons used to refer to braids before. I wonder if that’s a dressage thing or a UK thing. 🙂

    • I haven’t heard them referred to as buttons either! Much as we say “rising” trot rather than “posting”, we typically refer to plaiting, plaits and plaiting up for manes and tails, rather than braiding (since working in the US, I tend to use plaiting or braiding, depending what mood I’m in or who I’m talking to, though I still hate saying posting rather than rising).

      And yes, it’s a shame she’s not in a helmet. However, I still see lots of top hats in elite level dressage and eventing. A lot of riders have changed in the last year or so, but certainly in 2012 it still felt like the overwhelming majority were in toppers as opposed to helmets.

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