Happy anniversary to me!

Whether you’ve just started reading or joined me earlier, I want to start by saying thank you.  Kicking On is a year old today, and although I write for many reasons, my readers are a major source of motivation.  I started with only two reasons, really: my twice-weekly posts are split into two themes – everything horsey and everything else.

Everything else was designed with my family in mind – during the summer of 2013, when I was in the US working at a camp, it was to be regular proof of life.  I knew that I wouldn’t have a lot of time to communicate with my friends and family at home, so I kept them informed via my blog.  The didn’t seem to worry too much, so it must have worked at least a little.  Throughout the year, this section has become less of a diary and more of a topical conversation: sometimes I manage to tap into a relevant wider world theme or issue.  At other times, I just give life lessons about eyebrows and coffee.  I very much write about what’s in front of me – it’s easier that way.  I like having such an open area of my blog, it gives me a huge amount of creative freedom, but I do sometimes wonder if it should be a little more targeted.

Everything horsey was a way of indulging my main passion, and what is still becoming my way of life.  As it is more consistent, the equestrian side of my blog has introduced me to a wide circle of other enthusiasts, people I’m pleased to have met.  Sometimes it’s personal: as with many equestrian blogs, I often use mine to document my own progress with certain parts of riding and horsemanship, but at other times I’ve offered my opinion on current issues within the horse world.

What surprises me is how my enthusiasm for the blog has developed over the year, and I think this is down to the interaction I’ve had with other bloggers.  All sorts of opportunities have come my way throughout the last year, from real-life training and development to seeing my work pop up on various corners of the internet.

I’ve recently recognised that, although I’ve managed to stick to my posting strategy for most of my first year, the blog is still evolving.  I have a feeling that year two could involve some big changes, but the summer will certainly echo the pattern of last year: proof of life on Mondays, horses on Thursdays.  Whatever else happens is still to be discovered.

Do you have any feedback on my blog?  Feel free to let me know in a comment


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