My kind of baby

I’m still not sure how I feel about human babies, but baby animals are a different story.  There’s a farm shop next to a road I regularly drive along and a couple of weeks ago, I could’ve sworn I spotted that a foal had arrived (I’d known for a long time that a Shetland pony lives there).  I slowed down a bit next time, so that I could get a better look and, sure enough, a foal had appeared!

At the next opportunity, I stopped to take some pictures and there was a sign proudly announcing the birth of George the Shetland pony on 23 April 2014 (he was less than three weeks old when these pictures were taken).  Also featured is proud mum, Rosie.

2. shetland pony foal mother spring sussex field

George is a good eater!

1. shetland pony foal baby george sussex mum dam mare

I think he looks a bit like a calf in this one – check out those knees

3. shetland pony foal baby george sussex

despite the rain, George was happily cantering around his field


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