If anyone would like to buy me a horse…

…please let it be this one.

His soundness is questionable, but he’s probably the most entertaining horse I’ve ever met.  He’s featured on my blog before (more than once) and this is the continuation of my quest to make him famous on the internet.

Reasons this horse rocks:

  • he’s intelligent – he can open gates, turn on taps and learns other useful stuff (read: ridden and ground work exercises) quickly.  Enough said…
  • he’s funny – he’s recently learned to make fart noises with his mouth… and employ them at key moments.  A few weeks ago, a couple of kids walked past his stable and he made the noise.  One child looked at the other with a horrified expression, assuming their human companion was responsible.  If horses could laugh, this one was roaring at that point
  • he’s a joy to ride and be around – see above

Want to see him in action?  I kept him in to work with him one evening after work and he was in a strange mood – he’s been off work injured and gets bored incredibly easily, so he needed some love and attention.  But that meant that his bargey side was coming out even more than usual, which led to the below – me doing a lot of backing up, defending my space.  The good news is he listened, even if he was confused by me refusing to fling my arms around him in my usual fashion.  However, I had eye contact, his ears on me, and he was licking and chewing… so I had his complete attention, if not his comprehension.

It’s already been my birthday and Christmas is several months away, so I think I’m going to have to settle for enjoying my final four weeks with this tall, dark and handsome creature…


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