Grab your passport…

The holiday is creeping closer.  I’m spending a week longer than I’d firmly planned to at camp, and the rest of my ideas are just that, but here’s what I’m hoping to do once I leave in September.

As I wasn’t sure whether or not I’d return – and when I’d next be able to afford a holiday – I crammed as much as possible into my post-camp holiday last year, and it turned into an incredible trip.  Many of the places I visited last year have received “been there, done that” status and, although I’d like to return to many of the cities I saw, only one is getting a second visit this time around.

The plan currently looks like this:

  • Road trip – meeting a friend from the UK in San Francisco for a few days, after which we’ll spend some time driving to Seattle (I’m determined to visit a winery on our way)
  • Beach, reunion, relaxation and food – we’ll then head to Hawaii and meet up with one of my best friends from camp, plus possibly my holiday companion from last year. There follows relaxation, lots of beach time, hopefully a luau trip and all sorts of other things
  • Finishing with a party – the final stop on the tour is my repeat visit to Las Vegas. I enjoyed it immensely last year, and my friend and I are going again to splash around in a pool, people watch on the strip and terrorise every buffet we can find

Any tips for the places mentioned above are welcomed.  I’m only planning on spending a couple of nights in Seattle and, due to my visa, a trip across the border to Canada is unlikely sadly.  I’m hoping to tick another Major League stadium off my list when in San Francisco by going to my annual baseball game, but we’ll be in the city for a few days so I’m looking for more things to do there – I’ve been to Alcatraz before and really enjoyed it, so another visit is a possibility if my friend is keen.

Part of me is trying not to get too excited so that I can still focus on camp – and I know that things will fall into place, as I had pretty vague plans last year and everything worked out beautifully – but I can’t seem to stop myself from looking forward to my trip regardless.

Whatever happens, I’ll be sure to let you all know how it goes…


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