A thousand words

My Facebook photo album is at 400 pictures and growing for this summer.  As the main part of camp draws to a close, I’ve picked out some of my favourites to share here as some of the best memories of the summer so far.

  1. Of course, one of the main reasons of my trip was to teach riding. This was taken on the day the first lot of horses arrived, and this one is my favourite, who I’ve blogged about before.  Dude posed beautifully for this picture and a few others, I love it1. horse field summer bay
  2. The following day, we went out on our first trail ride: as there were so many staff this year, we went in two groups, with me leading the second one. It was raining when we left, but it brightened up to become a ride Dude and I really enjoyed2. horse trail ride summer through the ears
  3. We’d been at camp for almost a week when we were let out for a day: the first trip is to a nearby town where most staff raid Walmart for home comforts. My friends and I (all returnees) chose to spend our time finding the most ridiculous merchandise, as well as getting our essentials.  One of our group was missing (she arrived later in the summer), so she’s represented by a stick figure drawing as we posed in TMNT helmets (safety first!).  Sadly, they’re kiddie ones, so we had to leave them behind in the shop…3. friends walmart tmnt teenage mutant ninja turtles helmet selfie
  4. I caught one of our favourite horses flat out in the field sunbathing and napping. Yes, we did go in and check to make sure he hadn’t collapsed.  He was annoyed that we woke him up4. horse napping sleeping field summer sunshine
  5. From the sublime to the ridiculous: after a very cold and rainy night, only four horses were left standing of our herd of 20. The rest were napping and dozing in the field the next morning5. horses herd field rain cold summer
  6. Another missed purchase: my friend Eva and me at an outlet mall trying on the most ridiculous outfits we could find. I’m sure somebody will love these coats in a more than ironic way…6. friends mall outlet shopping coat funny pose selfie
  7. A picture I’ve shared already, but worth showing again: the first horse I’ve worked with to the point where he was ready to be ridden and worked in a halter. This is Forrest, and my t-shirt says the rest7. horse riding natural horsemanship parelli halter work
  8. Eva celebrates her birthday in July, and we took advantage of having a day off the following day. We hosted a sleepover at our bunk, using a collection of spare mattresses to carpet the floor.  A good time was had by all8. summer camp bunk party sleepover birthday friend
  9. Trips off camp outside of days off are rare. Our boss negotiated use of a car for an hour so that the three of us could go and get ice cream and appreciate the little things9. friends selfie ice cream evening out
  10. One of the best things about this summer has been the chance to teach myself how to teach horsemanship classes. This is one pair of my students in action10. summer camp work natural horsemanship teaching horse groundwork parelli
  11. Our camp hosts a charity fun run for the kids every session, and we marshal it on horseback. Here we are on our way back to the barn, duties completed11. selfie horses riding friends work colleagues
  12. Dude’s a messy eater: his head is bigger than the bucket but he still manages to get grain all the way up to his eyes. I have no idea how, but it’s amusing12. favourite horse dinner messy food funny
  13. Our favourite movie theatre made me laugh with some of the best signage (coming from an event manager, this is really saying something) I’ve ever seen13. signage geeky quote cinema movies theatre funny
  14. My second race marshal duty of the summer, sat on my horse with our partner awaiting the runners14. horses riding through the ears pose summer sun
  15. During the final session, camp hosts a “banquet”, which is essentially dressed up dinner. My “date” this year was best friend, colleague and roommate Eva.  This photo sums up our friendship – competitive eating and laughing at each other15. friends selfie dinner food burger summer date
  16. Another from banquet, with the missing turtle16. friends reunited reunion summer camp returnees group dressed up night out
  17. Eva and I did pose nicely a couple of times as well17. friends summer camp dinner banquet posing
  18. A rare act of rebellion: our boss made the mistake of telling us that she and her friends painted a horse blue in her first year, before she was the boss. Tradition dictates that a grey horse be painted annually, but I felt like it had been done.  So I bought some (non-toxic, washable) UV paint and let the kids put their hands on her favourite horse.  Brumby took it like a champ18. painted horse handprints joke pose
  19. During one quiet evening, Dude and I did some work together. My boss took these pictures whilst I wasn’t looking, and I like the interesting composition of them…19. partners natural horsemanship evening work summer camp barn groundwork parelli
  20. …unaware we were being photographed, I love how peaceful this looks20. relationship horse rider natural horsemanship parelli evening barn work riding

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