Wordless Wednesday: fashion superhero

I’ve mentioned a couple of times how much I love my winter coat (or, to be more accurate, my cape), and I promised a picture.  It’s not a great one, as I had to employ the use of a mirror in order to take this selfie, but I adore this thing.

I bought my cape the winter I graduated when I wanted a smart, comfortable, but more fashionable coat which was suitable for work.  It felt expensive at the time (I think it was about £75, which isn’t a lot of money, given that it’s now seeing a fifth winter!), but it’s one of the best clothing purchases I’ve ever made.  I’ve cared for it lovingly, had the buttons sewn back on more times than I can count, and relish ripping off the dry cleaning cover at the start of each winter.

cape fashion selfie coat winter hood military belted miss-selfridge high-street


2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: fashion superhero

    • it’s a cape, not a straightjacket! I feel all swooshy in it, and could probably fit a child under it! I carry my handbag under it, especially if it’s raining. I recently bought a non-coat cape (so kind of like a cardigan, I guess), but haven’t had a chance to wear that yet. Think it will be more of a spring/autumn thing, when I want a layer but not to stay dry.

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