Admitting defeat

I’ve had a rollercoaster of a week!  Work is very busy, inspiration and free brain time are running low, and I’ve been struggling with a cold.  I wanted to post something thought-provoking and detailed, but I couldn’t quite get there, and rather than put something sub-standard and potentially-volatile on the internet, I’m copping out.

Last night, I arrived home from work to find our Christmas tree in position with the lights hung on it.  That’s my cue: the boxes of decorations were waiting for me, so I settled down (with a couple of helpers) and began my task.  Step two: put chocolate decorations on the tree (spaced as evenly as possible, and not near any lights).  Step three: select the decorations which make the cut (as I have this habit of purchasing a couple of new decorations annually, there are inevitably some culls to be made).  Step four: add decorations to tree.

All of which means you go from this:


to this:


and end up with this:


Normal service hopefully to be resumed soon!


10 thoughts on “Admitting defeat

    • Oh my goodness, don’t tell me you lot don’t put chocolates on your trees! This is just like finding out that christmas crackers aren’t a thing in the US…

      • No tree here doesn’t have chocolate on it! Crackers are kind of like paper favours. They’re part of the place setting at a table, they have a snap in them: you pull them with a partner, they make a noise, and there’s a paper hat, lame joke and useless toy inside. A bit like a personal pinata crossed with a party favour.

  1. Erm, we never have choc on our tree.
    But my actual question for this blog is “what is your favourite heritage (used every year or traditional or from your childhood) decoration? And what is your favourite new decoration?”

    • Weird! Heritage: our angel, she’s the best. New: the Christmas lobster from New Orleans, for a variety of reasons. Great questions, thank you!

      • Spotted the angel, you’re right, she’s great. Not sure we have an angel, may have to get making. Couldn’t spot the lobster, but we also have a lobster for our tree.

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