This was the year you loved

This is it!  2014 ends here.  It’s been my first full calendar year as a blogger (Kicking On began in May 2013) and I’m glad I still have readers.  I was proud to be nominated as a finalist in Haynet’s Blogger of the Year competition – thanks again to those who voted, although unfortunately there was no rosette for me on this occasion.

I’ve spent the past few days on Twitter counting down my most popular posts of 2014, but I thought I’d also list them here for posterity.  Here’s a look back on what you (and I) enjoyed this year:

  • fifth most popular was Premature (the Tale of the Trail!)
  • in fourth place was Not to be missed (the story of my last-minute whirlwind pre-US trip to the Hay Festival)
  • yellow rosette (third place) goes to Being stretched (my weekend of being schooled by Wiola!)
  • at number two is Rubbing shoulders (the day I met Paralympian extraordinaire Lee Pearson)
  • first place goes to… Turned off (my thoughts on British Eventing’s knee-jerk end of season ruling on helmet cameras)

After a bit of a crazy patch with work and a few other goings on, I’ll hopefully be back on schedule as of next week – 2015’s coming whether we’re ready or not, and here’s to the next year.


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