I actually didn’t ask for a horse this Christmas, because I’ve realised I may as well put Prince Charming on my wishlist.  So, of course, I didn’t get a horse for Christmas.  Among my (admittedly lovely) stack of presents on Christmas day there were three horse-related gifts though, so here they are:

Much as I got a joke toy horse (still not laughing, Mum) in 2013, this year I got a book as a bit of a laugh.  Further details on the contents of the Ladybird “Learning to Ride” book possibly to come in a future blog post, needless to say it’s pretty dated!  Clare Balding’s second book, incidentally, is just as good (albeit with fewer horses) as her first.

christmas-present-books-ladybird-riding-horses-equestrian-autobiography-non fiction-reading-literature-clare balding

My parents sort of followed in my footsteps last summer (or should that be tyre tracks?) when they went on a road trip in the US.  It took some doing, but I finally persuaded them to visit one of my favourite towns along their route, and they duly bought me a Christmas present in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  Alright, so not many people will see my pink and horsey socks, but they still make me smile.


I’ve saved the best until last: as someone who is a huge advocate for safety and up to date equipment, I’ve been shamefully lax about replacing my helmet (I haven’t had any accidents in it, rest assured I would’ve pulled my finger out if that had been the case, it’s just that mine has been used for more hours than it strictly should’ve been).  This was probably a boring present to most people, but a necessary one.  The boring stakes got upped when I decided to go with replacing my previous one with an identical sibling (a Champion Ventair, in case you’re wondering), but I’ve had a great experience with this helmet and, with a limited budget (and an enormous head which, criminally, puts the price up), I wasn’t going to be able to afford one of the posh showjumping type ones.  I haven’t adjusted it properly yet, and please excuse the slightly-awkward selfie!

selfie-helmet-horse riding-rider-safety-equipment-champion-ventair (1)

I did also get a little bit of money when one of my relatives ran out of inspiration, and at the moment I can’t decide whether that will fund a new pair of jodhpurs (again, after over-use of some delightfully cheap ones, they’ve all totally given up the ghost at the same time) or a riding lesson.

Maybe the horse will turn up under the tree at the end of this year… I live in hope.


4 thoughts on “Horsemas

  1. Nice helmet! When I lived with a roommate and wanted a cat, she gave me a stuffed animal cat and I wasn’t amused either. P.S. I saw on Twitter Horse & Hound is looking for a blogger. You should go for it!

    • Thank you! I saw that on Twitter too – you’re very kind to suggest it, but I don’t think I’m anywhere near good enough. I entered a similar competition for a much lower-ranking horsey site last year and didn’t even hear back from them!

  2. Nice horsey treats, especially the new hat. I have the Ladybird book lurking around somewhere – it was my horsey bible when I was in my early teens and beginning my horse mad road!

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