By popular demand…

Horse Hour strikes again!  My friend Susan mentioned that, after I taught her how to embed YouTube videos into blog posts, she’d also like to know how to embed Tweets.  It is a nice feature, I think embedded Tweets (and other media) can look slick, and add a little colour to otherwise texty posts.

This is really simple, and I’ve taken four screenshots to illustrate the process (if you need larger versions, click the picture and it’ll open in a new tab):

1. Select your Tweet – if it’s part of a conversation, you can opt to include the “parent Tweet” too.  See picture below: identify the Tweet you’d like to use and click on the ellipsis button beneath it…

embedding-tweet-twitter-tutorial-social media-how to 1


2. A menu will appear!  Select “Embed Tweet” (told you it was easy)…

embedding-tweet-twitter-tutorial-social media-how to 2


3. Highlight the code (text) which appears, and copy it…

embedding-tweet-twitter-tutorial-social media-how to-code-coding-copy and paste 3


4. Paste the code you’ve copied into your new blog post.  I’ve highlighted the post-editor you need in WordPress (there are two versions of creating posts: one which is suited to accepting code, and one which isn’t – switch to “text” mode as I’ve highlighted when you’re ready to pop your code in, then go back to “visual” mode to finish your post – the latter is much more user-friendly)…

embedding-tweet-twitter-tutorial-social media-how to-code-coding-copy and paste-wordpress 4


And, suddenly…

…you’ve embedded your Tweet!  Congratulations.  Any questions?


6 thoughts on “By popular demand…

  1. Wait. . . I’ve had a few minutes to digest the info. This is fantastic and very useful. The question I meant to ask was about how to embed a partial blog post into Twitter? I’ve seen you and Wiola do that before and it looks so cool.

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