A little guesswork…

It turns out that Susan’s question from Monday night was actually twofold.  She thinks that mine and Wiola’s Tweets look “cool”, and I think the ones in question are these:

Time to let you in on a secret: I have nothing to do with the image which comes with this Tweet.  Well, almost nothing.  It’s all to do with how you set up your post when creating it in WordPress.  I’m a huge creature of habit, and have a sequence to how I format my posts once they’re written.  My final job is to set up the tags, but prior to that, I make sure the settings for when the post will go live and how it’ll publicise itself are good to go.

Because yes, I also use Hootsuite to set up Tweets throughout the day (and sometimes throughout the week, though I’ve been slack with that lately) on days when posts go live, but there’s also a nifty little box within WordPress which enables you to customise the initial social media posts when the blog post first goes up.

Below is a visual guide to how to do this.  Again, it’s very easy!

1. Make your choices!  Ensure your social media accounts are all linked up to your blog (this is within your settings, you’ll have to give permission for the sites to interact) and make best use of the box highlighted in this image:

wordpress-tutorial-how to-customise-tweets-twitter 1

2. Click “edit” and this is what happens:

wordpress-tutorial-how to-customise-tweets-twitter 2This means you can choose which websites automatically publicise your post when it goes live (the text I’ve highlighted in the box is autofilled by WordPress – it’s the title of the post.  You can remove this if you want, I only do so if the title is really long and taking up a lot of characters).  And in the case of Twitter…

3. Make the most of it!  Go crazy with the hashtags (this works well for Tumblr too).  The box has a character count, so you know how much text you can put in, and it allows for the characters involved in the link, so you can’t go over the limit:

wordpress-tutorial-how to-customise-tweets-twitter 3

4. This is an example of what I might put – I do more than this, but it then wouldn’t all show up on the screengrab!  You can tag people using their username, as well as making use of hashtags:

wordpress-tutorial-how to-customise-tweets-twitter 4

And that’s all there is to it!  Wordpress does the rest – you have no control over the image that comes attached to the Tweet (as far as I’m aware!), but what you can change is the headline of the Tweet, and any other text (including tagging users or using hashtags) that is part of the Tweet.

Any questions, class?


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