The Perfume Society Discovery Box

For one reason and another, this post is much-delayed, but it’s here at last!  One of my Christmas presents was a subscription to The Perfume Society, which is a great little club offering all sorts of exclusive events and news to “perfumistas”.  In addition to year-round events and online magazines, subscribers get a “Discovery Box” when they join!  Variations on this box are also released throughout the year (as I’m on a budget at the moment, I’ve had to seriously restrain myself from buying two already!), but the original one is designed as a kind of starter kit.

perfume society_discovery box_fragrance_perfume_subscription_membership

The box is beautifully-presented, and arrived prior to Christmas, in addition to my personalised membership card.  The box contains: blotters (for testing perfumes on) and instructions on how best to use them; a lovely little notebook; several fragrance samples, along with “smelling notes” cards for each one; a travel-sized hand cream sample (we all know how much I like to look after my hands!)


the goodies! Testers, notebook, blotters and “smelling notes”


a new favourite for me? These testers are all defined as florals, my go-to fragrance category.











I spent a few days the other week testing out all of the perfumes on the blotters and myself – I decided to smell the blotter without reading the relevant note card, to see how good my sense of smell actually is.  Unsurprisingly, the answer is “not great”!  Beyond “I like this” or “I wouldn’t wear this”, I didn’t get very far, but I tried, even if my descriptions were “smells like soap” or “reminds me of my Grandma’s house”.

juicy couture_sample_fragrance_viva la juicy_perfume_tester_testing_scent

I didn’t want to like this, but I did! Even though I described it as smelling like shower gel…


In the interest of science, I did also try every single perfume out on myself, to further try and attune my senses.  It took a while, as I wanted to try them two at a time (one on each wrist), so had to make sure it was a day that I wasn’t going anywhere!  It’s great to try fragrances out over an entire day though, to see how they develop on you and how long they last.  I had fun trying everything out, and surprised myself a little.  I don’t think there are any fragrances in the box which I’d buy or ask for as gifts – the testing served to confirm that I’m very firmly a florals girl!  That said, there were a few florals in the box, but none of them really grabbed me (in fact, I was actively disappointed by the Chloe fragrance, as I’d heard great things about it).  It was exciting nonetheless, and a gift I loved “playing” with – something very grown up on the outside, but allowing me the chance to be a big kid and do something I enjoy.

dali wild_perfume_fragrance_tester_testing_scent_miniature_bottle_leopard_print_fashion

Dali Wild: I thought this smelled like a pine cleaning product at first, but it developed a little clearer and reminded me of cucumber water.

versace_perfume_fragrance_fashion_scent_test_tester_testing_crystal noir

I was a little underwhelmed – I have another Versace fragrance which I enjoy, so perhaps why I was unimpressed?










Once I’m more settled again financially, I’m sure I’ll treat myself or someone else to a box later in the year (they’re £10 each for subscribers, £15 for non-subscribers but unfortunately only able to ship within the UK due to liquid restrictions), and I look forward to learning more and trying more things out.  It was a nice surprise too that not all of the fragrances were little tester vials, but some were miniature bottles, so that you get more fragrance and a beautiful dainty replica of the real deal.  If anyone needs me, I’ll be busy whipping out blotters and sniffing my wrists…


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