Changes on the blog

Some of you may have realised that I’ve been struggling to write recently, which is a strange thing for someone who has a lot of opinions!  I’ve thought long and hard about why I’m struggling and what to do, because there are exciting things coming which I’d like to both share and save for posterity, it’s just that excitement is less forthcoming than it was.

I thought back to why I started blogging, and remembered that initially it was to keep my family informed of my whereabouts.  This was a little more relevant when I was spending four nights here, two nights there, but not so critical now that I’m remaining in one place!  My other problem is that I keep seeing all of the things in my life which I can’t blog about for confidentiality or not-wanting-to-lose-my-job reasons, and I keep seeing a limited pool of what I can share.

So the compromise that I’ll try is to blog weekly, instead of twice per week.  Hopefully, this means I’ll find the time to write a really decent post each week, and won’t be scratching around for topics!  The new world of Kicking On starts here, and I’ll be coming at you on Wednesdays (because who doesn’t need a mid-week distraction?).

Stick with me, and hopefully I’ll be able to continue to share the fun parts as and when they come along!


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