8703180053_6c31983203_bKicking On is written by Becky Hughes, an event manager who realised that she’d prefer to be sat in a saddle rather than behind a conference registration desk. Becky first ventured into the saddle more than 20 years ago and hasn’t looked back, despite no longer keeping a tally of “flying dismounts”. She still dreams of owning a yard full of beautiful sport horses, but is working up to that by training to teach others to ride, fulfilling her ambition of sharing her passion with others.

Riding has taken Becky to various parts of the world which can be difficult to access by other means – such as South Africa’s Transkei and the earthquake-ruined villages of 8. kickingon summer riding horse trail water delaware riverKefalonia – and she hopes to continue her travels on horseback for years to come.  The summers of 2013 and 2014 were spent teaching horse riding at a camp in the Catskills – Becky’s time in the US is documented on this site, along with her thoughts on everything horse-related and not!  Back in the UK for the time being, Becky is busy planning to saddle up for her next adventure.

When she isn’t on horseback, Becky is busy indulging her love of writing, covering topics such as Olympic legacy, why exam results don’t matter, how reality TV can be an example of best practice and why perfume is the one thing she can’t leave the house without.  If you can’t find Becky’s opinion on something important here, feel free to get in touch using the form below or follow her on Twitter (particularly useful if it’s Saturday evening and you want to know what’s on TV in the UK).


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