Wordless Wednesday – teaser

I left something out of my Your Horse Live recap last week – a celeb spotting.  My friend actually spotted this guy, but I’m the one who barged over for a chat and a photo.

Lee Pearson is an incredibly successful British para-dressage rider, and someone I’ve admired for a long time… for many reasons, all of which I’ll go into tomorrow.  I’ve always felt weird about people wearing or even touching athletes’ hard-won medals, but Lee pretty much put the medal on me himself, so I went ahead and did it.

Full story tomorrow, but for now, here’s a picture of me wearing something that you can’t buy

Your-Horse-Live-2014 stoneleigh equestrian paradressage paralympian medalist Lee-PearsonCheck back tomorrow for the full story around this picture – I’ll share what we chatted about and more!




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